Where & What is Alf Doing ‘Now’?

Inspired by Derek Sivers, this is my ‘Now’ page. Not a general background of me (about page), rather an up to date version of what am I doing/working on ‘Now’.

From Malaysia to ‘merica

After a 2 month Vipassana meditation retreat in Malaysia, I came back to America for a wedding.

Now I am making a roadtrip of it!

  1. 2 Weeks at Wat Metta Forest Monastery out San Diego

  2. Car trip to grand canyon & Antelope canyon

  3. Impromptu trip to Bhakti Fest 2019 (the sober Woodstock)

  4. Recently hanging around and writing in Sedona and Flagstaff, AZ

What I am (or was) working on:

  1. Buddha the Deadbeat Dad (Blog - Done - link here )

  2. Dhamma Love ~ Dhamma Love (Poem - Link here)

  3. The 5 Year Flip - Knowing We Don’t Know (Blog - 95%)

  4. Loneliness vs The Art of Being Alone (Blog - 90%)

  5. Surfing with Jesuit Zen Masters (my first real 'profile', a nut that won’t crack - over 10 months on/off - 90% done).

  6. Exploring a Book outline - morality ,mindfulness and food

    Probably more than you ever wanted to K ’NOW’…

    Updated October 5, 2019.

Sedona, AZ

Sedona, AZ