Zen and the Art of Asshole Maintenance

Photo Inspired by Robert Persig's Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Photo Inspired by Robert Persig's Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Mindful Minute Up Front: Sometimes in life, an asshole is just an asshole. There is no Zen around it. However, assholes aren’t just assholes, but opportunities. Teachers of life from the Universe. Ways to learn about both yourself and the asshole. A chance to walk the walk of your spiritual path. To be courageasously compassioante.  a tightrope of uncomfortable internal tension. To be present. To be open hearted. To offer compassion equally to the sick, the poor, and the almighty asshole.  


Traveling on the road you meet all types of characters. A living breathing classroom of the human condition. From young romantic spirits to veteran vagabonds. From gentle souls to almighty obnoxious assholes!

A to Z: Assholes to Zen Masters all want Love

And one theme that constantly emerges,  is we are all battling the same demons. Friends, enemies, or assholes. All battling fears of inadequacy. Craving more. Longing for love and significance. Craving comfort and security in a chaotic and ever changing world.

Each flower of humanity may be different, but the evolutionary fertilized roots of the human condition are the same. We may reach for different levers of status, money, and uniqueness.

Whether admiring these flowers from the kitchen table or the road, be mindful of one trap. One set by our ego. A trap constructed by judgment, superiority, and frustration.     

Yes in life, sometimes an asshole is just an asshole. Obnoxious insecure dunces who need someone or something to validate them. We can try to ignore them, but some assholes will just  pester people like a swarm of wasps needing attention. We can attempt to pin them into submission via debate, all to reinforce our own significance and superiority. Ahh so easy and rewarding. But over time that approach is hollow, remnants of the unquenchable binge of the drunken ego. 

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The Art of Asshole MANAGEMENt

Whether having a tea with a noble wise man or an asshole, in both awaits an equally powerful lesson.  An opportunity to learn from the universe.  To learn about both the asshole and yourself. Maybe avoiding pitfalls of the Asshole. Or even wise lessons.  

The interaction with the asshole is not from a tower of superiority. Nor the concrete judgment prison run by the warden of greed, identity, the Ego. Not from feeling smarter, better, ‘ or right’.  Nor from some tower of spiritual or free spirit superiority over the common sucker or corporate whore.

Instead from within our heart we sit and listen to the asshole. With our mind and heart open. Empty, and present. We surrender and are open to whatever comes. Open to receive the delightful. Open to the ugly and smelly. Open to the irritating. Open to the unknown. 

Ohh this is ten times easier to write than do. Anyone can be Zen in front of a serene waterfall. But surrendering to the asshole? That is a true test of patience and mindfulness. If you can sit from a place of kindness, not judgment. Never perfect, but trying.

For even the asshole of assholes just wants love like the rest of us. Within the asshole you can find love as well. Love for yourself. Love for the asshole.  

So no matter whatever and whoever crosses your path on the road of life, can you listen from a place of love and kindness? Try for yourself and practice Zen and the Art of the Asshole Maintenance.