Open the Gift - to Play in the Present

Playing in the Present

Lost in a dream I was. So busy doing and going. Working and achieving. Getting and feeding. How so often we lose the simple treasures — for in every moment is the gift — to play in the present.

Not just having fun. Nor learning away. But a creative daughter of them both is to play. No right, no wrong. No goal, no worry. Just playful joy and no hurry.  

Ohh the liberation of creation. To paint and draw. To sing and dance. To make up games in the rain — and then skip away. Ohh the wisdom of the child they say. But so fragile she is to the pressures of time. Cracking from all those herding minds.  

Yes we admire youthful ways — yet regimented we sit in our bunkers most days. With kids we laugh and play along — but often we forget to sing our own song. Can we fully let go — and find that ghost we killed long ago?

If I can humbly say, there is a mindful middle-way. For every moment of time — is really a moment of mind. A cosmic flash to feel the consciousness clash. A naked space for awareness to see — all the forces in a tug of war over the “ME”.

So let the contractions die. And let expansiveness fly. Let unshackled energy flow, where it goes no one knows. But spontaneous trust — is the playful must. Longing to be free — burst the bubble of the ‘ME’.  And open the timeless gift — to simply play in the present…